Pozzo San Nicola

Sapores Antigos

Sapores Antigos is a concentrate of passion, that of Maria Busia, grown wrapped in those traditions to which all the families of her small village, Fonni, were linked and that time has not been able to tarnish. This love for bread, pasta and desserts brought her first to the realization of a workshop of typical […]

Biscottificio Demelas

Biscottificio Demelas is a traditional Sardinian pastry and fresh pasta workshop founded in 1981 in the small village of Pozzo San Nicola and it has been a point of reference for its customers and for the many tourists for over 40 years. The production chain is treated with care, from the selection of ingredients, up […]

Take & Eat Away

The Take-Eat-Away delicatessen-food factory was born in 2018, from that dream, shared by Margherita and Antonio, of proposing a healthy and genuine cuisine, using fresh local products, at 0 km. The roasted pig, the culurgiones, the malloreddus, gratin mussels, roasted prawns and the seadas are some of the delicious dishes that can also be tasted […]

Officina Meccanica Laconi

The Laconi family has been operating in the mechanical sector for over 50 years. The experience, handed down from generation to generation, makes this workshop an efficient and highly qualified center for the repair and maintenance of cars, commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and agricultural vehicles. The Laconi mechanical workshop is part of the Blu Officina […]

Bar Tabacchi Mercurio

In addition to being a bar, the Mercury activity, equipped with an outdoor terrace, offers its customers the sale of tobacco, newspapers, telephone top-ups and the Sisal machine for making payments. Courtesy is guaranteed at Mercury!

Market Pilo

Have you forgotten your toothbrush at home? Have you finished the bubble bath? Don’t worry! Market Pilo is at your disposal. Here you can find bread, cold cuts, cheeses, pasta, fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs. The Market, among its products, also has the classic essential goods that our guests may need.

Formaggi Demelas

The Demelas family, originally from Fonni, has always produced high quality cheeses, obtained with traditional processing, raw milk and semi-cooked pasta, with the use of a copper pot that can preserve the aromas and flavors of the past. One of their main products is the semi-cooked pecorino, from the first salt to the more seasoned [...]

Chiosco Bar – Mai a Letto

The Mai a Letto is a bar kiosk with a covered veranda and tables outside. In addition to the bar-cafeteria service, which includes the sale of ice-cream, Mai a Letto is also a fast-food where you can enjoy hot sandwiches. The courtesy of the owner, Nanni, and his employees will make you feel at home!

La Bottega Sarda

La Bottega Sarda, opened since 1958, is one of the historic shops of Stintino, where the owners, Mario and Paola, offer a selection of typical high quality Sardinian products, such as bread, cold cuts, cheeses, honey and jams.